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My rendition of Pink Diamond by 1DPuppyLoverFOREVER My rendition of Pink Diamond :icon1dpuppyloverforever:1DPuppyLoverFOREVER 1 0 Dancing with the lights of innocence by 1DPuppyLoverFOREVER Dancing with the lights of innocence :icon1dpuppyloverforever:1DPuppyLoverFOREVER 1 1 Timothy's devil by 1DPuppyLoverFOREVER Timothy's devil :icon1dpuppyloverforever:1DPuppyLoverFOREVER 0 0 Totally not a teaser by 1DPuppyLoverFOREVER
Mature content
Totally not a teaser :icon1dpuppyloverforever:1DPuppyLoverFOREVER 0 1
Different faces of Cassie by 1DPuppyLoverFOREVER Different faces of Cassie :icon1dpuppyloverforever:1DPuppyLoverFOREVER 1 1
MAGIC: the aftermath
Magic: the aftermath
Chapter 1:Unstable,Cold and Dark
(2 years later)
Zerum: Micheal!
Micheal:What is it,Rose?
Zerum:A.) it's Zerum. B.) i thought i told you to take Fran for her walk!
Micheal:I have work,Dear.
Zerum:Well,you can take a break!
Micheal:I'm almost done!
Zerum:Said that 3 days ago.*Sigh* Look,I know You're trying to get some time off,but ith a poof,i could get it done!
Zerum:So,Look,I'll take care of it,You take Rosie to the park and walk with Fran. Your child misses you!
Rosanne:Please Papa?
Micheal:DOn't you dare,rose,do-
(Puppy eyes from ROsie)
Micheal:Ugh...Fine. only because i can't resist the baby eyes.
Zerum:Get dressed,Rosie.
(Rosanne goes to get dressed)
(Micheal gets up and wraps his arms around Zerum)
Micheal:You spoil her.
Zerum:hey,you do it more often than I do.
Micheal: heh,Can't argue with that. We both spoil her,don't we?
Zerum:yeah,plus,it's her birthday. I need her out of the house so i can get the stuf
:icon1dpuppyloverforever:1DPuppyLoverFOREVER 1 0
Timandra- Steven Universe AU by 1DPuppyLoverFOREVER Timandra- Steven Universe AU :icon1dpuppyloverforever:1DPuppyLoverFOREVER 1 0 SU! Micrum by 1DPuppyLoverFOREVER SU! Micrum :icon1dpuppyloverforever:1DPuppyLoverFOREVER 1 0 Locket Ellis Gemstone by 1DPuppyLoverFOREVER Locket Ellis Gemstone :icon1dpuppyloverforever:1DPuppyLoverFOREVER 3 3 At a 12,Need ya at a 4,Bro.-Sally and Francis by 1DPuppyLoverFOREVER At a 12,Need ya at a 4,Bro.-Sally and Francis :icon1dpuppyloverforever:1DPuppyLoverFOREVER 2 0 Merry christmas and a Happy sweet 16th! by 1DPuppyLoverFOREVER Merry christmas and a Happy sweet 16th! :icon1dpuppyloverforever:1DPuppyLoverFOREVER 2 0 Kids Of Len And Coral by 1DPuppyLoverFOREVER Kids Of Len And Coral :icon1dpuppyloverforever:1DPuppyLoverFOREVER 4 0 Happy Halloween from the Cuties! by 1DPuppyLoverFOREVER Happy Halloween from the Cuties! :icon1dpuppyloverforever:1DPuppyLoverFOREVER 1 0
•Hey girl,
open your walls
Play with your dolls
We'll be a perfect family •
Coral Jackson sat at home in her room. She'd been adopted into a loving family that was perfect... For the first few days at least.
•when you walk away
Is when we really play
You don't hear me when I say
Mom ,please wake up
Dad's with a girl•
She had walked down the hallway when she say her father,Mike, In the garage with a trashy looking bleach blonde female. Coral had no idea what they were doing but she knew enough to know that her father was cheating. She ran up to Sally's room to find her mother asleep.
"Momma,momma,please wake up,there's a girl down stairs with daddy!" Of course her plea fell on deaf ears.
•and your son is smoking cannabis
No one ever listens
This wallpaper glistens
Don't let them see what goes down in the kitchen •
Coral found her brother, two days later, smoking and it angered her. Why was it like this?! Why did they have to be so dys
:icon1dpuppyloverforever:1DPuppyLoverFOREVER 2 0
Kindertalia x Teacher! Reader
The kids groaned. It was raining and you wouldn't let them back outside for recess. You felt like someone was missing. After a headcount you froze. No,this can't be right!"Joe, Bre,I need 2 more headcounts STAT!" You called." On it!"
"12, (f/n)"Bre called
"There's only twelve here. Boys."Joe replied."GEORGIA!" You,Alfred,Auther,Joe, and Bre shouted."ok, Luddy,watch the class!" You yelled,grabbing Alfred and Bre.
You checked everywhere until you buried your face in your hands. Georgia was missing in action. Nowhere to be found... That is,until you heard a soft whimper. You looked up and saw Georgia on the walkway's roof. Metal. It was a thunderstorm so LIGHTENING  plus METAL = POSSIBLE DEATH. "Hold on,Georgia! Bre,get a ladder! Alfred,Alert the others!" You yelled in a panic. The two did a mock salute and ran . Once Bre returned you climbed up." C'mere Georgia. It's okay I'll help you down." You whispered so as not to frighten the child. Georgia slowly made her wat torwards you. Th
:icon1dpuppyloverforever:1DPuppyLoverFOREVER 3 0
Kindertalia x teacher reader!
You started your day off as a new teacher to a VERY interesting class. There were 13 students,12 boys,one girl .
Let's go to that morning :
You were walking down the hallway,26 cupcakes in your arms. You had planned for 24 students and a parapro(a/n: an assistant in the classroom,kind of a second teacher). As you entered you heard a little girl crying and found 12 boys trying to help her. The paraprofessional had smacked the girl for not being quiet. The paraprofessional saw you in the doorway. "Get out." You growled. "But (Mr/ms) (f/n)! She d-didn't-" the paraprofessional started but your furious glare shut them up and they left.
"Hello,little one. What's your name?"
"G-Georgia."  She whimpered. You then received a piece of paper with a blue dot on it. "A blue dot means they have autism. The shade lets you know what level." The words of the principal, mr. Lust, echoed. The dot was light." I'm (Mr/Ms) (F/n) . You're not in trouble, don't cry." You soothed the child. You turned to
:icon1dpuppyloverforever:1DPuppyLoverFOREVER 2 0


Kevin Strikes Again by PrincessCallyie Kevin Strikes Again :iconprincesscallyie:PrincessCallyie 382 63 Daddy Daughter Dance by PrincessCallyie Daddy Daughter Dance :iconprincesscallyie:PrincessCallyie 344 21 Dilemma by PrincessCallyie Dilemma :iconprincesscallyie:PrincessCallyie 306 20 Who is the Cutiepie now ? by BoomerXBubbles Who is the Cutiepie now ? :iconboomerxbubbles:BoomerXBubbles 21 26 ... but she's Cute Tho ... by BoomerXBubbles ... but she's Cute Tho ... :iconboomerxbubbles:BoomerXBubbles 30 19 Control by Sweatshirtmaster Control :iconsweatshirtmaster:Sweatshirtmaster 86 43 Reboot!Bubbles x Boomer by Sweatshirtmaster Reboot!Bubbles x Boomer :iconsweatshirtmaster:Sweatshirtmaster 335 200 Flapjack Redraw by NEOmi-triX Flapjack Redraw :iconneomi-trix:NEOmi-triX 241 32 Circe Mega Dump by PrincessCallyie Circe Mega Dump :iconprincesscallyie:PrincessCallyie 353 51 GF Heroes by Draco-Digi GF Heroes :icondraco-digi:Draco-Digi 164 6 I11 - Snow Angel by Miyukiko I11 - Snow Angel :iconmiyukiko:Miyukiko 299 34 Klaine: My Angel by Muchacha10 Klaine: My Angel :iconmuchacha10:Muchacha10 565 189 Unusual Angel by Caelistis-Rydraline Unusual Angel :iconcaelistis-rydraline:Caelistis-Rydraline 171 16 Lacrimosa, my weeping angel by PuppitProductions Lacrimosa, my weeping angel :iconpuppitproductions:PuppitProductions 318 129 Sleeping Demon and Dreamy Angel by Candra Sleeping Demon and Dreamy Angel :iconcandra:Candra 6,874 256 A Nalu Gift by rainbowdashbrittany1 A Nalu Gift :iconrainbowdashbrittany1:rainbowdashbrittany1 13 40




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My rendition of Pink Diamond
So, I've been gone. School and all. I'm not gonna be able to post as frequently. You can blame Chemistry for that. The concept of Balencing Equtions can go die in a fire. i hate math-NOT IMPORTANT!

So, I wanted to put out what I think pink diamond looked like because i'm curious. I man, Ya can't get much from the mural , now can you? LOOK AT IT!

(LINK :… )

So, I tried to create my own version. Probably no where near close to he real one, but i tried. 

-This is my work, As I have drawn it. if you'd like to post it, ask and give me cedit, link the post. I'd love to see your critiques and feedback! :) -
I've been off since FOREVER! I know! Kill me,GO ahead! DO YOUR WORST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been kinda busy. I have a lot to do. PLus,i have some bad news. I might end up not posting magic. it's a matter of weighing my options. but if i don't I will post the openings of each season when they're finished,and I have been planning a new series that i plan to do voice acting for. ALL the voice acting unless anyone wants ot help. Magic,if not posted,will not be forgotten,it will be archived as my first series.

Also,I've had to prepare for school. Clothes shopping,Supplies shopping,finding a binder for my drawing paper so i don't use my notebook paper,Getting me a doddle book so i don't scribble on my notebook paper like i have a habit of doing,getting me a fidget gidgit so i don't break my earbuds everyfreakingtime! Yeah,I've got problems

Also,I'm so happy,Starco might be cannon!

Anyway,when school starts,i won't be able to be on here all too much,but i will be as often as i can!
  • Listening to: DROP POP CANDY
  • Reading: With the light by Keiko Tobe. Good sieries
  • Watching: Star and Steven universe
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: food
  • Drinking: Ice water


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Oh Hi there! I see you have arrived. My names Bre
Studying Stamp by Kezzi-Rose :thumb299454653: Being Childish Stamp by Creativeness :thumb318056507: :thumb299454653: OC Pairings - Stamp by Petraea

:thumb328062436: :thumb328062436: :thumb315320394: ::ALL THE TIME:: by mimblewimble

Painted by Runannoa Stones For Healing by healingcrystalsorg 4 Ponies of Apocalypse by SKTzone :thumb329933277:

I Support SummahART stamp! by rigbyfangirl23


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Sounds like him.

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Self explainitory

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because he has a secret soft spot for Coral and Cassandra. Yep. MOstly Cassandra since they're TOGETHER!!!!
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Blame Arthur. he scarred the poor guy.
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Lost the girl he loved to a killer. He's still upset,because he was only a few feet away when it happened,but he's moved on. I accually think he's hitting on madeline...Lucian may have some competition

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A lot of abuse. Nuff said.
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She's a bit of a poet. When she's not crazed off energy drinks,She often sits in her bed and writes poetry. She definetly tries. Now to hope Timothy doesn't read it. Muahahaha! he just might one day,and I guarantee you,HE WILL SMILE!
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DOn't screw with her family,or this could be you,That hand.
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GET YOUR MIND OUTTA THE GUTTER! It's a villaness thing,Okay?! DUN JUDGE


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Deadman Wonderland - 1 - Death Row Inmate
:O (Eek)It's got something to do with this thing called the "Branch of Sin" though, I'm gonna research more info on it.
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