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Ugggh school has been whooping my butt for weeks!
I'm sick today. So yeah
Steal your heart chapter 1

Joe entered the house,only to be greeted by silence."dear joe,on a buisness trip,Zahra's at grandmas. Foods in the fridge,no parties." Joe read out loud. He crumpled up the letter and threw it to the ground. His parents were never home and he barely had contact with his little sister. Anytime his parents were home they got on his tail about how he just wasn't proper enough,how he needed to be more polite and how they were disappointed in him. He thought about Bre. She didn't express feelings of disgust and hatred,not love and lust either, but was kind to him. That's all he wanted,someone who maybe he could relate to.

It was then he got a call
('.' =Bre)
" hello?"
'Um... I-is this Joe?'
"Yes it is. Is this Bre.?"
'Yes. Not saying that I'm not grateful for it,but why'd you help me?you could've used that money for something else!'
"Well,to be honest I don't know why. I guess I just saw it and felt like helping. Say,you've never heard of me have you?"
'What do you mean?'
"I'm the bad boy of the town. I'm the one all the girls want and that all the boys hate. You however didn't swoon. So I suggest you prepare and keep a weapon with you Incase of angry mobs."
He heard Bre giggle. 'thanks for the tip. I'm free all day,wanna meet up? I'd like to get to know you.'
" should I bring flowers and chocolate?" He joked
She laughed.'that's your choice '
He smiled "I'll pick you up at 4."
He hung up. Joe wondered why he smiled when she laughed. He wanted a girl who was skinny and not nerdy,didn't he? Bre was curvy and full out nerdy.
He shrugged it off and got on his motorcycle. He was headed to the florist.

Bre was brushing her hair and heard a knock." Seth can you get that?" She asked." Hey,Princess." She heard.she turned around and found Joe."oh hey!" She smiled.'yeesh is she ever not enthusiastic?' Joe wondered."Close your eyes,I'm gonna do something real quick ." He smiled . She nodded and closed em. He put a small clip with a black rose on it in her hair. She looked and smiled."Don't go trying to buy my friendship. I love it. But... Why's the rose black?" She asked." Because where we're headed,boys chase skirts like nobody's business."he explained. "Oh... We're going to the bad side of town aren't we?" She asked ." Yep."

Joe led her out." Please tell me we're not going on that..." She looked afraid . "Here." He tossed her a helmet.It was purple with "Zahra " on it in light green cursive. She eagerly put it on. " hold on tight and lean the same direction ." He smirked. She held on alright,she was scared stiff.

As he pulled up to a restaurant and the two entered,he spotted two of his friends. He hoped that they wouldn't spot him with Bre . He ordered his usual and she wasn't exactly hungry.however she did order a coke.

"Well if it isn't Patterson! " a voice yelled. Joe looked over to find his friends had spotted him." Oh no! Bre,we've gotta leave! I knew I shouldn't have brought you here." Joe was panic but he was too late. The boys made their way over."who's this hot chick?" One of the boys,Jonah ,asked,eyeing her." Scuse me but I'm not a temperature. And I'm a lady thank you very much ." Bre mustered up her courage,but she wasn't fooling em." Ooh I think she's trying to act tough." Jonah smirked."Leave her alone,bro." Joe growled. "Listen,why not go out with a real man,sweet cheeks. He's no count." Jonah's hand began creeping torwards places it shouldn't be creeping torward."get away from me creep!" She yelled and hopped over the table." Nick,Get her!" Jonah yelled. Nick ran after her. Joe could forgive him,after all he doesn't have a choice,he's protecting his girlfriend. "Jonah,let's take this outside."Joe growled.

Nick had caught Bre,but she had the upper hand and had his arm twisted behind his back."Please don't break my arm,let me explain!" He requested." Explain." She commanded."I don't have a choice. I only do it so Liz doesn't get hurt. It's the only way I can protect my girl." Nick explained." Okay I have a plan." She smiled letting go of his arm.

"Now listen here,Stay away from Bre" Joe growled. Nick walked back with a struggling Bre."Let go of me!!" She hollered. Nick winked at Joe. "NOW!" She yelled,kicking Jonah where he shouldn't be kicked. Nick held him down as Joe helped her onto the motorcycle . He was about to get on when he was grabbed and pulled back. A hand was around his throat and Nick was unconscious." Nobody tells me I can't have any girl I want, the girl is mine!" Jonah smiled sadistically ,watching Joe struggle for air."News flash,girls aren't toys." Bre growled, she threw Jonah against the wall and kneed him in the place where the sun don't shine. Then she rushed to Joe, helping him up." Are you trying to get killed?!"she asked. She appreciated it but she didn't want him to get killed because of her."why do you care?" He muttered. He thought by taking her there,he'd run her off. " I care because I don't want you to get hurt because of me..." She murmured. He put his helmet on and as soon as her helmet was on and she was holding on he took her home.

" I'm sorry that happened." He whispered."don't worry. But to be honest this was the most exciting day I've ever had. Thanks. I'll see you soon I guess." She smiled. She pulled out a box and handed it to him. " since you got me the barrette I felt I should get you something. I made it as a thanks for the help with the book but now it's a double thanks. I'll see you soon." She smiled at him as he waved,

"And just who was that hoodlum?!" Her uncle yelled . " his names Joe! He's not a hoodlum! He's a kind  soul. Not that you would know!" She yelled slamming her bedroom door .

Joe returned home to find his parents. They weren't happy with him. "Joe ,Where the heck have you been?!" His father shouted."Out." He awnsered."Daddy ,don't get angry with him! Please!" Zahra begged. Joe smiled. Despite not having much contact with him she still tried to help. "Zahra ,honey, this doesn't concern you." Their father smiled sweetly."Joe,your room! NOW!"

Joe walked up and slammed the door to his room.not even 5minutes later was the door re opened by Zahra. She crawled up onto her brothers bed. Joe smiled and hugged her. He knew she hated when their father hollered at him because she felt it wasn't fair.  She left once she sensed their dad going upstairs to yell at him more. As the yelling continued,Joe thought of Bre. Her kindness was enough to keep himself from attacking his dad.
Steal your heart chapter one
Here's chapter one! Happy reading!
Steal your heart prologue

Bre shore was a 17 year old,fresh out of highschool. She lived in Georgia with her cousin,Seth ,her uncle James ,her aunt Maddy, and cousin CJ . The family was rich,but she preferred to live like middle class.she was trying to get into college.
Bre put on her black leggings, blue "Bugs Bunny" t-shirt,and her memory foam sketchers ."Seth,I'm going out! Let aunt Maddy and uncle James know if I'm not home when they get back!" She called,heading out. She was single and her other cousin,Nate ,was going to be on her tail until she got a date.

Joe Patterson was the neighborhood "bad boy". He was a rebel. He'd been out of school for about a year. He was outside riding the motorcycle he'd bought only days before.
"For the last time , I am Crystina Shore!" He heard from the local book stand. "Ma'am the id looks completely different!"the clerk growled. " in what way or form does it look different!!!"a girl growled. "Doesn't look any different to me." Joe responded,making the girl turn around."but here,make things go a little faster. " He pulled out a 10 dollar bill and paid for the book,which is titled "the Eleventh Victim".

"Thanks. Breanne shore,go by Bre."the girl smiled,taking back her credit card and blushing slightly." No problem.see ya around,Princess." Joe handed her a piece of paper and hopped onto the motorcycle,driving away. Bre opened the paper,thinking this guy was sort of rude,then took the thought back
'Names Joe . Call the number to talk to me again: 601-1260'
Bre blushed."theres no way this guy is hitting on me."
Steal your heart prologue
I did this but never finished it,but I do want to! So if ignited is let you all help me out here! Tell me what you think! Happy reading!
Al,Riley,Britt,and Eli-Like me by 1DPuppyLoverFOREVER
Al,Riley,Britt,and Eli-Like me
I was listenin to the TEEN BEACH MOVIE soundtrack and like me came on. This happened. I just imagined Jaid-Shadows version of Alvin and Brittany and my friends OC ,Riley with my main girl Eli singing it.
//shot forever
and draw a horror based picture,but i shall work hard on'll be a my little pony thing though.RAINBOW FACTORY STYLE!!! Wish me luck!
  • Mood: Devious
  • Listening to: Brian Regan
  • Reading: NOTHIN!
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  • Eating: HOT POCKETS!
  • Drinking: i have a mild DR PEPPER addiction
and draw a horror based picture,but i shall work hard on'll be a my little pony thing though.RAINBOW FACTORY STYLE!!! Wish me luck!
  • Mood: Devious
  • Listening to: Brian Regan
  • Reading: NOTHIN!
  • Watching: NOTHIN!!!!
  • Playing: IDK!
  • Eating: HOT POCKETS!
  • Drinking: i have a mild DR PEPPER addiction


Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
Hi im Bre! I Like to draw and i like watching Ani

Hi I'm Brittany! As you can tell I love One Direction and Puppies!! My friends call me Britt or BrittBritt! I am 13 years old!! I have no brothers or sister but my best friends are like them!!! I am in 8th grade of ECMS!!!! Lovin' Life!!!! Studying Stamp by Kezzi-Rose :thumb299454653: Being Childish Stamp by Creativeness :thumb318056507: :thumb299454653: OC Pairings - Stamp by Astanine

:thumb328062436: :thumb328062436: if you don't like my art stamp by magic-creative-mind ::ALL THE TIME:: by mimblewimble

I also have a Bestie with 2 learning disabilities,she also has a cousin with ADHD and one of her friends says another one of her friends has ADD.And she can stick her ankle behind her head.

Painted by Runannoa Stones For Healing by healingcrystalsorg 4 Ponies of Apocalypse by SKTzone :thumb329933277:

I Support SummahART stamp! by rigbyfangirl23



Blakelyn P.Johnson
RS-Married to gabe :iconsheldonplz: <333333333 (Rainbowdashbrittany1)
Voice of-LeeAnn rimes

Elisa Micheala Avril Maxtone
RS-Taken by Rolo <333333


me listening to Little things for the first time


me listening to little things for 162348 time


Make gif stories easily: That's So!

when a fly is flying around you and you're like


but then you realize its a wasp not a fly



Make gif stories easily: That's So!

during winter,kids in northern states have snow days like this


and get days off from school


while us florida kids are like


why is it so hot!


Make gif stories easily: That's So!


Alex and Ariana Moore
Sis,Where are you? photo Waitingoutsidethelines.jpg
Ages-15(Ariana being younger by six hours.)
Ales likes Hanging out,school,science and he hates earthquakes and people who pick on his sister,He's used to being picked on.
Ariana Loves Music,art,hanging out with her brpther and english and she hated tornadoes and people who pick on her and her brother.Ariana i sTaken by JUdas.

Its autism awarenes month! by 1DPuppyLoverFOREVER
Nyan Eli! by 1DPuppyLoverFOREVER
My Support stamp.PLZ USE by 1DPuppyLoverFOREVER (Yes i dupport myself.)

The Zahra baker report:911 call by 1DPuppyLoverFOREVER…………

Eli Maxtone:

RS:engaged to rolo...
Likes-Music,Mainly metal now,ECT
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