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•Hey girl,
open your walls
Play with your dolls
We'll be a perfect family •

Coral Jackson sat at home in her room. She'd been adopted into a loving family that was perfect... For the first few days at least.

•when you walk away
Is when we really play
You don't hear me when I say
Mom ,please wake up
Dad's with a girl•

She had walked down the hallway when she say her father,Mike, In the garage with a trashy looking bleach blonde female. Coral had no idea what they were doing but she knew enough to know that her father was cheating. She ran up to Sally's room to find her mother asleep.

"Momma,momma,please wake up,there's a girl down stairs with daddy!" Of course her plea fell on deaf ears.

•and your son is smoking cannabis
No one ever listens
This wallpaper glistens
Don't let them see what goes down in the kitchen •

Coral found her brother, two days later, smoking and it angered her. Why was it like this?! Why did they have to be so dysfunctional! "Smoking is bad for you,you're going to get cancer." She told him,only for him to shove her down. "Like I really care,brat."
Coral ran to her room and screamed into her pillow. She had tears running down her cheeks as she held the stuffed bear in her arms

• places,places
Get in your places
Throw on your dress and put on your doll faces
Everyone thinks that we're perfect
Please don't let them look through the curtains
Picture picture
Smile for the picture
Pose with your brother
Won't you be a good sister ?
Everyone thinks that we're perfect
Please don't let them look through the curtains
I see things nobody else sees.•

When guests came over, they acted. It was routine. She'd put on a dress and put in pigtails,and act cutesy,when really she hated this house. Then the family photo. She sat in her brothers lap. To be a good little girl,a good sister.

Everyone thought she was perfect,but looks are deceiving.

•hey girl,look at my mom
She's got it going on
You're blinded by her jewelry •
Her mom saw the lipstick stains on the nape of her father's neck and confronted him. The fighting started. Things got  progressively worse from there.

•When you turn your back
She pulls out a flask
And forgets his infedelity.
Oh oh,she's coming to the attic
Go back to being plastic
No one ever listens
This wallpaper glistens
One day they'll see what goes down in the kitchen.•

It was at one point she saw her mother pull out a flask and take a drink. Coral ran to her mother to take it away only to be yelled at. Later her mom brought in a doll as a bribe to forget what happened. Coral didn't. The doll looked like a small boy and she officially named him Len.

Her parents fought again before long and Coral broke down. She couldn't take it. She felt a pair of arms wrap around her. Len had manifested as a human. He hugged her, trying to help her forget about the dreadful fighting. She sat ,curled up  in his arms as the door slammed. "It's gonna be okay Cora-chan..." He whispered to the silently crying child.
•D O L L H O U S E
I see things nobody else sees...•
She and Len stayed like that. Coral wondering if things would work out...
I wondered how things would be if I applied the song "dollhouse" to Corals life. Here's the result. Song ain't mine
The kids groaned. It was raining and you wouldn't let them back outside for recess. You felt like someone was missing. After a headcount you froze. No,this can't be right!"Joe, Bre,I need 2 more headcounts STAT!" You called." On it!"

"12, (f/n)"Bre called
"There's only twelve here. Boys."Joe replied."GEORGIA!" You,Alfred,Auther,Joe, and Bre shouted."ok, Luddy,watch the class!" You yelled,grabbing Alfred and Bre.

You checked everywhere until you buried your face in your hands. Georgia was missing in action. Nowhere to be found... That is,until you heard a soft whimper. You looked up and saw Georgia on the walkway's roof. Metal. It was a thunderstorm so LIGHTENING  plus METAL = POSSIBLE DEATH. "Hold on,Georgia! Bre,get a ladder! Alfred,Alert the others!" You yelled in a panic. The two did a mock salute and ran . Once Bre returned you climbed up." C'mere Georgia. It's okay I'll help you down." You whispered so as not to frighten the child. Georgia slowly made her wat torwards you. Thunder was heard and she ran." I've got you..."you murmured to the child as you climbed down. Once you got her inside the classroom Auther shouted," WHAT THE BLOODY HECK WERE YOU THINKING! ARE YOU A BLOODY IDIOT?!!! YOU KNOW BETTER THAN THIS!!!"
Georgia ran out as Matthew glared at Auther. And that glare was the deadliest thing ever. If looks could kill,a tombstone would replace the small Brit.

You had Joe talk to Auther about his behavior,he was good at that. And the rest of you tried to make Georgia feel safer. You wondered why she was on the roof In the first place.

Matthew found her alright. In the art room,staring,Sulking at a picture Auther drew of them. Matthew sent out Kuma (a/n: KUMA, I CHOOSE YOU!//shotshot) and the cub walked over to the small girl. It's warmth relaxed her and that made Matthew smile. He maybe shy but he did care about Georgia and this was his way of showing it. Kuma hated others but loved The girl who currently cuddled him.  (2p! Kuma loves her too! He's protective!)

Georgia returned to find Everyone waiting for her. You patiently smiled."Ginny,might I ask what you were doing on the roof?" You asked,wrapping up the still shivering girl in her blanket. "I-I saw someone throw something o-of Alice's(a/n: Alabama personified. Ginny is Georgia so I might not call her that but you know what it is) on there and I wanted to get it. It was her heart ring." She hung her head."look G, we love you so much and we don't want you to get hurt. That's why Artie over there flipped out. He was just scared ok?" You smiled as Auther looked at Georgia. Georgia walked to Auther and hesitantly hugged him. "I'm sorry for yelling ,poppet" he murmured to his sister. She looked at him. "You have some really big eyebrows you know that?" She asked. Artie blushed as everyone laughed at the randomness. "It's ok bro." Georgia smiled. You looked at them with a smirk. Until Bre came in drenched and shivering."I-IT W-W-WAS WORTH I-IT! ACHOO!" She sneezed. You just giggled and handed her some tissues telling her to rest a while.

Joe smiled at Georgia and messed her hair up as she tried to fix it.

" Joe?" Francis asked,"are you another night protecting the princesses and queen?" Joe was shocked ,but then chuckled and looked at the French boy," I guess I am. And if by princesses,if Bre's one of em,I think she'd be more of a sorceress." He smiled.

Needless to say the rest of the day you had ordered pizza,paid (cause you got privileges. Your teaching twelve countries and a state!) and watched LILO AND STITCH with the class. The power went out and the school was on lockdown. Needless to say you all slept in the classroom and you got blackmail material on Bre.
Kindertalia x Teacher! Reader
I felt like it. Also Georgia,or Ginny, is a very curious person but she's weaker than the countries,that's why they rally around her. She's their sister!
If you read the last one you know who belongs to who.
You started your day off as a new teacher to a VERY interesting class. There were 13 students,12 boys,one girl .
Let's go to that morning :

You were walking down the hallway,26 cupcakes in your arms. You had planned for 24 students and a parapro(a/n: an assistant in the classroom,kind of a second teacher). As you entered you heard a little girl crying and found 12 boys trying to help her. The paraprofessional had smacked the girl for not being quiet. The paraprofessional saw you in the doorway. "Get out." You growled. "But (Mr/ms) (f/n)! She d-didn't-" the paraprofessional started but your furious glare shut them up and they left.

"Hello,little one. What's your name?"
"G-Georgia."  She whimpered. You then received a piece of paper with a blue dot on it. "A blue dot means they have autism. The shade lets you know what level." The words of the principal, mr. Lust, echoed. The dot was light." I'm (Mr/Ms) (F/n) . You're not in trouble, don't cry." You soothed the child. You turned to the others. " I brought cupcakes! Who wants some?" You smiled as the children shouted in glee. " I'll call you up and you each get one cupcake. If there are any leftovers , seconds will be given out. When I call you,tell me one thing you want me to know!. Ok. Alfred Jones!"
Alfred had short blonde hair and baby blue eyes, dressed in a blue Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles t-shirt with a pair of blue jeans and green sneakers. He had glasses and grabbed a red ,white and blue cupcake."Georgia is my sister and I am the best brother ever! I'm a hero!" He smiled widely. You chuckled.
"Georgia Jones"
Georgia had dirty blonde hair and pink eyes( SHUT UP ITS ANIME) . She was in a pale blue Frozen t-shirt with a white vest. She had a white skirt with Aqua  leggings and white strappy shoes. Her hair was in A braid that matched Elsa's. She took a pale blue cupcakes with snowflake sprinkles on it."I'm a really good artist. I'm sensitive too,please don't yell." She sat beside a young Chinese boy.
"Auther Kirkland."
Auther grabbed a pink cupcake with eyes(yes it's a FNAF refrence don't judge) (LOOK HIM UP)"I'm the most polite child in the classroom."
One by one the children got their cupcakes. They were surprisingly quiet. Save for Auther trying to strangle Francis. The bell rang,signaling recess. The children proceeded to give you drawings. You were also told you would get new paraprofessionals as soon as recess was over. You sat at a table outside as the children played. "Hey! Give it back!" You heard. You saw three second grade boys picking on a little girl. The southern accent rang out. Georgia! You were about to make your way over there but the boys were tackled.

Francis,Gilbert,Antonio , Feli, Kiku ,and Ludwig held em down so Georgia could run to you,crying because they threw away her stuffed animals. Ones she was making for everyone. Alfred and Auther came to aid their sister in finding them. Ivan,And Yao got the principal.

After recess you had nap time . You told your class how proud you were of them for sticking up for Georgia. It warmed your heart. A yawn escaped Francis before he murmured,"Georgia is the princess..," then Lovino continued,"... We're her knights..." And finally, Gilbert finished,"'s our job to protect ...the princess..."
You smiled. You watched as they all cuddled Georgia,who in her sleep,giggled.
"Awww!" You heard a squeal. A male and female,probably your paraprofessionals, had arrived. One was chubby with brown hair and eyes. Her bangs curled like Tinkerbell. Her hair was in a messy low hanging bun and she was in a white "Shadow the hedgehog " t-shirt reading "Bre" ,a pair of blue jeggings and black sneakers. She had pink glasses. "Is that even allowed?" The male asked. The male was skinny,with brown hair and Blue eyes.  His hair was straight. Short. He wore a black and blue polo shirt,a pair of blue jeans, and white sneakers. "Oh shush!" The girl giggled." Hi. I'm (f/n) . I'm the teacher here in these parts."  You tipped an invisable cowboy hat at them." I'm Bre. This is Joe. " the female smiled. You chuckled. This was going to be an interesting year.
Kindertalia x teacher reader!
It sucks I know but I was lazy.
Hetalia belongs to Japan.
Georgia belongs to me and America
Bre is me so she belongs to me
Joe belongs to himself
I'm alive,in Alabama for the week ! I've done some picture I'll happily post soon!!! I haven't had Wifi,so yeah! 
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Hi im Bre! I Like to draw and i like watching Ani

Hi I'm Brittany! As you can tell I love One Direction and Puppies!! My friends call me Britt or BrittBritt! I am 13 years old!! I have no brothers or sister but my best friends are like them!!! I am in 8th grade of ECMS!!!! Lovin' Life!!!! Studying Stamp by Kezzi-Rose :thumb299454653: Being Childish Stamp by Creativeness :thumb318056507: :thumb299454653: OC Pairings - Stamp by Astanine

:thumb328062436: :thumb328062436: if you don't like my art stamp by magic-creative-mind ::ALL THE TIME:: by mimblewimble

I also have a Bestie with 2 learning disabilities,she also has a cousin with ADHD and one of her friends says another one of her friends has ADD.And she can stick her ankle behind her head.

Painted by Runannoa Stones For Healing by healingcrystalsorg 4 Ponies of Apocalypse by SKTzone :thumb329933277:

I Support SummahART stamp! by rigbyfangirl23



Blakelyn P.Johnson
RS-Married to gabe :iconsheldonplz: <333333333 (Rainbowdashbrittany1)
Voice of-LeeAnn rimes

Elisa Micheala Avril Maxtone
RS-Taken by Rolo <333333


me listening to Little things for the first time


me listening to little things for 162348 time


Make gif stories easily: That's So!

when a fly is flying around you and you're like


but then you realize its a wasp not a fly



Make gif stories easily: That's So!

during winter,kids in northern states have snow days like this


and get days off from school


while us florida kids are like


why is it so hot!


Make gif stories easily: That's So!


Alex and Ariana Moore
Sis,Where are you? photo Waitingoutsidethelines.jpg
Ages-15(Ariana being younger by six hours.)
Ales likes Hanging out,school,science and he hates earthquakes and people who pick on his sister,He's used to being picked on.
Ariana Loves Music,art,hanging out with her brpther and english and she hated tornadoes and people who pick on her and her brother.Ariana i sTaken by JUdas.

Its autism awarenes month! by 1DPuppyLoverFOREVER
Nyan Eli! by 1DPuppyLoverFOREVER
My Support stamp.PLZ USE by 1DPuppyLoverFOREVER (Yes i dupport myself.)

The Zahra baker report:911 call by 1DPuppyLoverFOREVER…………

Eli Maxtone:

RS:engaged to rolo...
Likes-Music,Mainly metal now,ECT
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